So how can we make your life easier? Simply by giving you a break and allowing you to tick off those items that have been on your to-do list(s) since Neil Armstrong first set foot on the Moon.

Can we do it all? No, we can’t. We won’t wash your dishes, we can’t help you with your son’s essay on Chinese history and we won’t sit next to your boss for that breakfast meeting you want to escape.

But you’ll still be impressed at all the things we can do. Before we give you some examples, what you need to know is that we can handle a massive – that’s right, massive – range of office, administrative and paperwork-related tasks. We are good at organization, pretty nifty with paperwork processing and just awesome at getting stuff done.

Here are a few teasers. But if you need help with something else, why not give us a call to discuss your needs? You may find that a quick phone call or email will bring you more pain relief than a tub of Nurofen.

Tell us what you need, and we’ll take it from there.


  • sort out your personal expenses
  • help you organize your weekly or monthly budget
  • find an accountant for your personal finance
  • name and file your digital family photos
  • organize your personal appointments (dentist, hospital, etc.)
  • help you switch energy or utility suppliers
  • translate letters in French/English or English/French


  • research, plan and book a holiday
  • call or email French-speaking holiday resorts
  • book taxis and flights


  • Find and book restaurants and other venues
  • Find a gift for a friend or a colleague
  • Help you find weddings ideas and inspiration via Pinterest


  • research and obtain quotes from tradesmen
  • help you find a holiday home in the UK or abroad
  • book appointments with real estate agents
  • source home designers


  • help you sell your stuff on marketplaces like eBay
  • compare and shortlist home appliances or any other household goods
  • help you set up a business