Back to Work

We can all pretend this is not happening but let’s face it: it’s over… summer, sunshine, all of it. All that is left may be distant memories of you running through fields of wheat….

Now you’re back at work and if you haven’t requested your virtual assistant to provide holiday cover while you were away, you’re probably facing a huge backlog of emails and tons of articles and news to read and digest.

In an effort to help you with this painful transition, I’ve selected this month a few apps that will hopefully assist you in managing your workload.


135 List  helps you with your to-do lists. You can create and manage your tasks from any device. You don’t even have to download anything, you can simply go to your browser and start from there.  135 List is similar to Todoist but it helps you focus your efforts and truly prioritize your work by forcing you to achieve 1 big thing, 3 medium things and 5 small things each day.

If you’ve spotted some great articles on Linkedin or don’t have the time to view a video during your working day, then Pocket will allow to save your must-read or must-see content directly from your browser and you’ll be able to catch-up on your favourite news at your convenience even if there’s no WIFI connection. I personally find Pocket very useful when I conduct some research for my clients. All the info that I need can be easily and quickly saved and retrieved.

TurboScan™ is another app that will help you save time. No more queuing at the copy machine. TurboScan™ turns your iPhone or iPad into a good-quality scanner and lets you scan documents and photos into PDFs. Also very useful if your virtual assistant supports you with your bookkeeping. Just send your scanned business receipts to her and she’ll do the rest.

If you still feel overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork that’s sitting on your desk or need someone to sort out your emails or conduct some research, then feel free to give us a call. That alone will help you achieve 1 big thing today.