The Power of Checklists

I probably have a list in some shape or form for just about everything. When I die, I’m sure I’ll be remembered for my to-do lists, packing lists, shopping lists, contacts lists, black lists, etc. etc. That’s if they remember me at all, and without a checklist there’s no guarantee. But you name it, I have it. I am, after all, a woman (women love lists) – and a virtual assistant at that.

I can’t be the only list-obsessed person around, surely? Maybe a checklist isn’t actually life-changing – I can accept that.  And perhaps some of mine are as useless as I suspect, and only exist to satisfy a neurotic need of mine that I should talk to someone about. But actually, when you think about it, lists can be very powerful, even life-saving tools.

Take the aviation industry, for example. Checklists developed for emergency situations


or Minimum Equipment Lists [MEL] exist precisely to support flight crews and ensure that every action is carried out the way it should and without omission.

Same goes for healthcare. According to this report health care professionals are using checklists more and more in order to improve patient safety and eliminate medical errors.

I can concede that working as a VA very rarely involves rescuing people from danger or preventing them from getting physically hurt, although making sure bills get paid on time can go some way to avoiding broken limbs. But I do maintain that in order to get things done on time, a list remains a woman’s best friend and is nothing less than crucial in the life of an assistant. If you want to experience the power of checklists for yourself, why not give us a call and see how we can organise your life and manage your daily tasks? All you need to do is:

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