It’s in the Bag

Summer is here. Almost time to pack as your holiday is fast-approaching. If you’re a bit disorganized and leave everything to the last minute, make sure you prepare a comprehensive packing list and take with you a few useful accessories.

If you need to access your emails or call family and friends during your break, there’s nothing more frustrating than realizing you’ve left half your cables at home or forgotten to take an adaptor. With a storage bag such as this BUBM organizer, you should be all set.


A multifunction wallet is also a must, especially if you need to carry a multitude of credit cards alongside a phone and a passport. This Newchic (that’s Nouveauchic for those like myself who master the French language….) nylon wallet combines practicality with affordable fashion.


If you’re bringing a fine whisky to a business partner or a bottle of wine to your parents-in-law, you might consider this wine cradle – an inflatable and compact bag that is designed to protect your liqueur and precious bottles during transport.


Those travelling with dogs will know that it’s very easy to forget one of the “daily essentials” required by our four-legged-friends. The High Road Wag’nRide™ Doggie Seatback Organizer might be a solution as it allows you to store your dog’s food as well as his leash, toys and water bottles.



Please note that we do not endorse any of the products or brands mentioned above. If you need help in researching and comparing specific travel items, or you would like us to organise a business trip for you, just drop us a line.