My Trump Card

A few days ago, Donald Trump announced that the US will exit the Paris climate change agreement. Being a big supporter of green technology, a nature and animal lover, I couldn’t just sit there and do nothing. I’ve decided to strike back with these space-saving tips that will not only help you declutter your home but also allow you to do your bit for the environment (Take that, the Donald! I hope that next time you’ll think twice before ruining it for everyone!).

Tip no.1: organise your shoes, your clothes or kitchen utensils by putting your old ladder to good use.


Tip no.2: sort out your jewellery with an egg tray. Who needs yet another plastic or metal storage box?


Tip no.3: say no to the odd sock problem by making drawer dividers with recycled cardboard.


Tip no.4: neatly hang your scarves or kitchen towels with those clothespins you never use.


Tip no.5: organise your home office and kitchen by storing your pens and cutlery in recycled cans and tins.


And an extra tip especially for the tangerine Commander-in-Chief: tip no. 3 also works well for a collection of tailor-made (unusually small) leather gloves.

Will this be enough, I hear you ask, to reverse climate change and the disastrous consequences of Trump’s latest decision? Even an optimist like me would have to admit that this won’t cut it. We can however change our daily habits with a view to reducing waste and try to recycle more. Yes we can.

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