My Favourite Tools

Every now and again, I like sharing my favourite tools with my clients and on social media. When you manage several mailboxes, use various accounts with multiple credentials, or need to call service providers abroad on a regular basis, you need to be well organised and as efficient and cost-effective as possible. Every minute and penny count. This also means that you can’t afford wasting time logging in and out of different systems or searching through your data to locate your latest password.

LastPass is a great solution when it comes to email and account management. Gone are the days when you spent ten minutes staring at your screen trying to remember where you were born or your first pet rabbit’s middle name. Not only does LastPass allow you to manage your passwords in an easy and secure way, it also enables you to share particular folders at the click of a button, keep your digital records organised and fill in forms in no time at all.

Todoist is another productivity tool that makes my life so much easier. When your day is dictated by tasks, deadlines and reminders, you need a system that keeps you sane and focused. Todoist is just that: an app that you can take with you everywhere (mobile devices, browser and inbox) and that helps you manage your business and personal to-do lists. Very intuitive, it comes with a minimalist design that helps you visualise your workload and your productivity.

Dial 123  is a service that I use to keep my clients ‘ costs down. I’m often required to call abroad on their behalf and there’s nothing easier with Dial 123. You don’t need to sign a contract, you can easily top up your account and your balance doesn’t expire. As for the costs breakdown, it couldn’t be clearer. A great advantage if like me you need to keep a record of all your calls.

If you’re looking for an overall cost-effective but efficient solution that will assist you with your productivity, simply give us a call or send an email. We’ll be happy to help your organise your diary, manage your accounts and prioritize your tasks.