Assisting the Smart Way

A few clients have asked me in the past why I decided to quit my contract manager job to become a VA, and the answer is always the same: one of the great benefits about being an assistant to individuals and entrepreneurs is the variety of tasks you get to do. The assignments that my clients give me require me to use a multitude of systems and tools, making me more tech-savvy, lead me to research business information that broadens my knowledge and allow me to look into a world of new products and innovation.

Smart technology is not a field that I used to pay particular attention to, but while carrying out some research around wearables and smart home devices I’ve come across products that are worth sharing.

Let’s start with the Toyota Project Blaid wearable.


This is a device that, when worn around the shoulders of a blind or visually impaired person, will help them identify certain surroundings that a dog or cane can’t do. For example, it will assist them in finding an office bathroom or a lift in a shopping mall. This wearable is currently in testing phase but you can learn more on


HoneyCo’s Internet of Caring Things® is a smart-home solution that gives people who care for the elderly extra peace of mind by notifying them when unusual patterns are detected in the home of their loved ones. This is especially convenient if you live far away from the people you care about and can’t check up on them every day.


If your child or spouse suffers from epilepsy, Embrace Watch can help as it is designed to detect seizures.

When such events are detected, caregivers are informed by calls and texts via the Alert app.

Smart technology should in my view never replace human contact or substitute other relationship-based existing solutions such as dogs, for example. They are so valuable to many vulnerable people and individuals with disability or life-threatening conditions. But what if your dog goes missing?

Kyon Pet Tracker is a water resistant collar that notifies the owner of the exact location of the pet. Another great wearable that will help find your best four-legged friend.


Please note that we do not endorse any of the products or brands mentioned above. If you have just launched your startup or an innovative product and need help in go-to-market activities, administration services or email management, we’ll be happy to help. Simply contact us for a quote.