Stay Connected

It’s been a while since we last shared with you some of the travel accessories that we came across while doing some research for our clients. So let’s start with one of our favourites: the TecAvenue wireless charger.


Unlike some of the models that already exist, this charger is cordless i.e. really wireless, small and can be used for more than one device (not just your smartphone). It is available to private individuals and businesses and very useful if you’re a frequent flyer or like to work on the go. If you want to impress at your next exhibition, TecAvenue can also add to their product your company image or logo.

If you need quick access to your boarding passes, info to your connected flights, display your to-do list or upcoming meetings, or simply read your ebook at the airport without constantly switching on your iPhone and draining its battery, why not add an InkCase to your phone?


This smart accessory essentially adds a second screen to the back of your mobile while keeping it protected in case of a fall.

Those who travel alone or live away from their friends and family might be seduced by LucidCam, the first consumer VR camera.


This point-and-shoot camera is small enough to fit in your pocket and enables you to create 3D immersive experiences (images and videos) which you can then share with those who can’t be with you. Also pretty handy if you own a small business but can’t afford to bring along your team members to check on the progress of your latest product prototype for example.

If you spend your spare time outdoors or are an active member of a mountain climbing or hiking group then this smart walkie-talkie will probably appeal to you.


You can communicate with your friends even when there’s no cellular coverage by simply mounting or connecting your Linc to your smartphone. With this communication device, you can text, talk and broadcast your location coordinates.

Please note that we do not endorse any of the products or brands mentioned above. If you need help in choosing and sourcing gifts for your friends, or planning your holidays and business trips, we’d be happy to help. Simply contact us for a quote.