Gifts for Colleagues

The time has come for you to roll up your sleeves and browse the Internet like you’ve never browsed before. You’ve agreed to participate in Secret Santa at work and you’ve been assigned to Manfred from Sales Support.

Let’s face it: you’ve never met Manfred and your budget is fairly limited. All you know is that he travels a lot for business and pleasure. He also has a reputation for being brutally honest when he feels let down. If Manfred doesn’t like your gift, he will flog it on eBay before the end of the day. Manfred is not a very nice man.

At, we can help you source gifts for your colleagues (and assist you in managing your expenses). We also understand tight deadlines and work pressure which is why we have shortlisted a few gifts ideas for you below:

Option 1: TabletHookz


This is an adjustable, hands-free device that can be used as a traditional stand for your tablet but also allows you to mount your iPad or smartphone to the back of an aircraft or train seat. You no longer have to hold your mobile accessory to view your PowerPoint presentation or watch your favourite movie.

The Vococal® Office Hotel Safety Easy Alert Alarm Door Stop Wireless Security Wedge is our second suggestion.


This easy-to-carry and simple-to-install alarm is a great accessory that will give you peace of mind at home and away. Fitted with pressure sensor technology, this doorstop will sound a very loud alarm when pressed. A very affordable gift for the security-minded traveller.

If your colleagues like snapping away (Manfred certainly does), then you may want to purchase the GorillaPod Original.


This tripod weighs less than 50g and comes with flexible legs which are very easy to use and allow your point-and-shoot camera to be positioned almost anywhere.

Our last suggestion is perhaps more costly and you may want other colleagues to chip in but we think goTenna Mesh is worth it.


This clever device is the first off-grid, mobile, long-range consumer-ready mesh network. In other words, it allows your iPhone or Android to text and share GPS locations on detailed offline maps for free. You can let your friends know you’re safe while hiking in Australia or share your location while country-skiing in the Pyrenees.

Please note that we do not endorse any of the products or brands mentioned above. If you need help in choosing and sourcing gifts, we’d be happy to help. Simply contact us for a quote.