Working on the go

It’s always challenging to work while commuting or travelling. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or city worker, you face more or less the same problems: not enough space to comfortably draft your emails, too few pockets to carry your office essentials along with you, too many things to scan at security checkpoints; you know the score.

One of the reasons why we love “utility” apps so much is because they make our lives easier and save us time. But what about physical products that allow us to work on the go?

The Baubax travel jacket is one of those innovative products that became a crowdfunded success in 2015.


The jacket-and-travel-organizer in one comes in different styles and sizes and can be used for business trips and holidays. It features no less than 15 pockets which enable you to store your tablet, passport and portable charger among other things.

International travellers will perhaps also appreciate this portable scanner.


This wireless pen transmits text from a printed page (such as a restaurant menu or a newspaper article) and translates it into another language. The device works like a highlighter and the “swiped” text appears on the screen of your phone or tablet (provided you have Internet connection). This device cannot replace a proper translation service – say, if you’re lucky enough to work with a virtual assistant who can handle translation. But the quality of the translation provided by this device should be decent enough to let you order a nice meal in a French restaurant or grab the latest headlines from a Dutch newspaper.

If you have a particular interest for crowdfunding platforms, you may have come across Phree.


Phree looks more or less like a pen and lets you write on almost any surface. It then sends digital ink to your Bluetooth device. Ideal when you work on the go: you can use this device to send notes to yourself or your PA, draw your next product design or jot down ideas for your upcoming conference speech. This clever device also doubles as a headset and lets you take phone calls.

Bonjour is another innovation that can prove to be useful when travelling on business.


This smart alarm clock with artificial intelligence can for example wake you up, check weather and traffic reports for you. It can also connect to your FitBit and helps you stay on track with your fitness regime, integrate with your calendar and set your alarm automatically. Bonjour can in a way be your other personal assistant.

If on the other hand, you’re only looking for the “real thing”, the assistant that will help you arrange your business travel, organise meetings with your clients while you’re attending a seminar, or file and process your scanned receipts, then simply give us a call or send us an email to enquire about our services.

Please note that we do not endorse any of the products or brands mentioned above.