Administration Services

administration-servicesWhether you are launching a start-up or running an established business, administration tasks are the last thing you want to be doing or thinking about. Your core activities take priority, while all that online filing, archiving and the general black hole known as “paperwork” usually has to take a backseat. And even when, bravely and with the aid of strong coffee, you make a start on the admin mountain, keeping it up to date can feel like running on a treadmill. Before you know it, that excel sheet detailing all the valuable information about your potential customers has become outdated: and you only started it on Monday. Your website has not been refreshed for several months, your business cards still list your old telephone number and some of your travel receipts are older than the British constitution.

When you first set out on your business venture, you were hoping you could do it all. After all, admin is just admin and that’s what Sundays are for. Well, in theory anyway. In reality, many entrepreneurs find that Sunday is the last day of the working week and does not have enough hours in it. Whether you’re self-employed or run a small company, you know that your to-do list gets bigger by the day; feeling overwhelmed is not uncommon, especially when you get to that time of the year when you need to submit your tax return or file your accounts. Your stack of business receipts somewhat resembles the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you’ve just realized that you have 10 unpaid invoices, you’ve run out of printer ink and have forgotten to renew your IT support contract.

So where do you go from there? Outsourcing your secretarial services can be quite daunting. Can you really trust the person who will handle your important paperwork and other matters? Can you afford those monthly costs? Business owners who operate start-up or small companies are especially nervous when it comes to delegating their administrative tasks. Budgets are usually very tight and it is sometimes difficult to predict what their financial standing will look like in the next three months.

At Virtual Office Assistant we understand the degree of flexibility SMEs require and the financial constraints they face. This is why we offer various pricing options. Think of it this way: we offer an elastic service. You can use it as much or as little as you need. And when you need us, we snap to it.

Not convinced? Have a look at the range of services we provide or simply give us a call for a friendly chat.