Compact Travel Accessories

In recent years, the availability of affordable long-distance travel has been accompanied by increasingly tight travel restrictions around baggage size and content. We travel more often and further, for business and pleasure, but we also have to deal with the consequences of heightened security constraints. As a result, new travel accessories with clever design have emerged. Compact and foldable items allow you to carry out all your essentials without having to drag behind you 10 pieces of luggage. Perhaps not a great development if you are a professional Sherpa, but good for the rest of us.

Take this changing bag for example.


Travelling with a baby is always challenging, but thanks to this compact design with easy-to-reach pockets, you can carry a changing bag, changing station and baby cot all at the same time.



When you travel on business and go from one hotel or meeting room to the next, you also want to keep your clothes and electronics within easy reach. What do you think of this suitcase with integrated shelves? No more rummaging for hours to find your lucky tie and constant packing and unpacking at every hotel listed on your itinerary.



Keeping your mobile devices, cables and chargers within one compact case will also spare you the hassle of searching through your entire backpack for your tablet or USB key and will enable you to set up your work station in no time at all.
Very handy when you need to send that last urgent email before boarding or need to kill time between connected flights.


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