Stick to it if you can

Multitasking has become part of our daily life. At work or at home, we’re always juggling multiple deadlines. Technology sometimes comes to the rescue by giving us an extra pair of hands. Of all the new innovative products that emerge every day, the ones that seem to stick around – at least for a while – are the ones with adhesive properties. According to Ken Research, the rising demand for and usage of adhesive industrial products in construction, packaging and other industries in Asia will continue to grow in the coming years: 

This is good news not only for businesses but also consumers who use the latest gadgets to improve their productivity while on the move.

Personally, my favourite innovations are hands-free products. Probably because they allow me to work pretty much anywhere while travelling.

Take for instance iPhone cases like the Zero G anti-gravity case from Mega Tiny Corp. It comes with NanoSuction adhesive material that allows you to stick your iPhone to almost any smooth surface. Pretty useful, isn’t it?

anti-gravity case for iPhone 6

Perhaps a sticky pad is more your thing if you tend to travel by car a lot.


Of course, if you need to recharge your batteries while on the go, you could always invest in a solar pad and stick it to a window when working on the train…


If you’re travelling with a caravan (corporate travel is not what it used to be), you could try a Peel’n’Stick Solar Panel. Amazing what a little bit of amorphous silicon technology can do for you….


There are really a lot of new and exciting products out there. If you’re a fitness fanatic or if you’re suffering from a medical condition, adhesive technology can sometimes also improve your life. Take these examples:

  • Adhesive Health Trackers: these patches can not only monitor your health but also deliver medicine.
  • Patches for diabetics that monitor blood glucose: no need to prick your fingers anymore.

There’s no doubt about it. Adhesive technology is here to stay….

Please note that we do not endorse any of the products or brands mentioned above. If you need help in researching or comparing specific items, we’d be happy to help. Simply contact us for a quote.