Travel Booking – Part 2

Travel arrangements

Having a packing list to help you manage your business trips or holidays is a good start, but we all know that just the thought of having to plan and arrange your flight, hotels and car rental can trigger another headache you could do without. Thankfully, there are a lot of good apps that can help you organise all your travel plans.


Tripit, for example, “merges” your travel details such as flight, accommodation and restaurant confirmation emails into one itinerary. Consolidation of all your bookings will allow you to keep everything in one place. Next time you land, you won’t have to struggle with the “airport yoga” of poring over print-outs to find out where you need to go next, while attempting at the same time to carry your suitcase, call your client and, presumably with your one free foot, hail a taxi. Tripit also allows you to share some of your travel plans with your family. A great feature if you don’t want your partner to call you in the middle of a business presentation! Or, for that matter, if you do want your partner to call you later with an urgent excuse for you to leave just before the tequila karaoke-thon begins.

For added peace of mind, you may also want to use Genius Scan to scan and send to a cloud-based storage application like Dropbox all your important travel paperwork such as passport, visa and (international) driving license – just in case any document gets lost, stolen or eaten by a passing spider-monkey. That clever little app will also allow you to scan all your parking tickets, fuel station receipts and restaurant bills. This is something which I’m sure your virtual assistant will be grateful for when you ask them to sort out your War and Peace-sized folder of business expenses. That’s “grateful” in relative terms…

Last but not least: make sure that your travel insurance provides an adequate cover and that your bank or credit card provider are informed of your travels, especially if you’re going abroad. The last thing you want is your accounts being blocked if your bank perceives your transactions as “unusual”. Having to switch to Bitcoin while stuck without funds in South America could be challenging!