Travel Booking – Part 1

Packing for your trip

You may be a frequent flyer but chances are that you have at least once forgotten your toothbrush or printed out your mother’s fruitcake recipe instead of your e-ticket. What do you do to make sure that this never happens again? Unless you have a very good virtual assistant (…just saying…) you will need to take matters into your own hands. Follow these simple steps and you should be all set.

Number one: create a packing list and store it on your smartphone or tablet to make sure that you have it at all times.


This may sound like an old-fashioned idea but it does work. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated and the good thing about it is that once you have it, you don’t have to create it over and over again. I’ve made mine using Trello. Don’t forget to include in your list a spare shirt or dress. Showing up for your 6 am breakfast meeting with a coffee stain the size of Russia might not qualify as “business casual” dress code.

Then look at your itinerary. Will you attend meetings in different locations and sleep in different hotels? Or will you be going from one cold region to a tropical one? If you need to pack different types of clothing, then you may want to use packing cubes.


This will enable you to unpack/pack very quickly and neatly without rummaging through your suitcase for hours and without creasing the suits or the dress you don’t need right away.

Also, do not forget to take a portable steamer. Your hotel may not be equipped with an iron and an ironing table and you don’t want to appear at your meeting or colleague’s wedding looking like a Shar Pei.


Check that all your devices and electronics are easily retrievable. You may want to store them separately, in a small rucksack for example.

Other than your laptop, tablet and smartphone, make sure that you’ve packed your chargers and a worldwide adaptor. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to consider a mobile device power pack or a portable charger.







Last but not least, if you’re not sure that you’ll be able to make phone calls abroad or that you’ll have connectivity, it might be worth investing in a solution like ChatSim or a pay-as-you-go global hotspot.


Please note that we do not endorse any of the products or brands mentioned above. If you need help in researching or comparing specific travel items, we’d be happy to help. Simply contact us for a quote.