5 Apps for Business & Private Use

In the Bible it was the apple which tempted mankind. Now it’s the app – there are just so many interesting, fun and useful little tools we can download onto our phones and tablets. But there’s a cost, even with the free apps. Your device becomes overcrowded and soon your screen is dense with icons. Result: it takes you about 10 minutes each time to locate the apps you really need. You end up trying to make a call with your Weather App and take a selfie with Angry Birds.

For us, a really valuable app is one that you can use for work and for your personal needs (and yes, if it’s free then even better).  So we have selected for you 5 apps that will help you manage your life, your inbox and your financial outgoings.

genius scanGenius Scan is a clever little scanner in your pocket. And before you ask, no it does not scan what is in your pocket. Very intuitive and user-friendly, Genius Scan lets you take a picture of a document or a receipt you want to scan, enables you to crop it and send it or store it for future use. Brilliant when you’re travelling on business and don’t want to get too far behind with your expenses, for example. No more dodgy bundles of crumpled receipts padding out your wallet, no more lost paper invoices that leave you cursing at the photocopier. Try it, you will love it. The quality of the scanned documents is quite impressive. And if your office machine breaks down when you’ve just been asked to send a scanned version of your passport to the embassy, fear not. Genius Scan will come to the rescue.

trello-logo-blueGreat project management app that helps you organize your projects and your life into boards, monitor the progress of your assignments and communicate with your colleagues. Very simple to understand, you can also upload files, assign due dates and move tasks around. Trello will not only help you clear your inbox but will also allow you to visualize your to-do list. Useful tool when you work with other colleagues, consultants or freelancers. Also, you can use it with your other half and create a common shopping list, manage your chores or share your holiday bookings – you might not believe this is your dream productivity application, but it will be fantastic for that safari or skiing trip you are trying to put together.

Unroll.Me_vertical_largeHow much time do you spend each morning cleaning your inbox? Download this email management app and your messy inbox will be a thing of the past. Unroll.Me works with many email clients (including Gmail and Yahoo! Mail) and enables you to unsubscribe from all those sales discount mailshots you don’t want, those newsletters you never signed up for and any other spam emails that you want to escape. But there’s more: Unroll.Me also organizes the subscriptions that you do want, into one daily email. This keeps your inbox clean and allows you to digest that information at your leisure. What’s not to like?

WhatsApp_Logo_2 WhatsApp must be one of the most downloaded free apps, but if you’re not yet a user, here is what this messaging app can do: it allows you to exchange messages (including photos and videos) without having to pay for texts. Because WhatsApp uses the same data plan that you use for your emails and internet browsing, there’s no additional message cost to stay connected with your colleagues and friends. Very handy if you need to reach a business partner abroad or if you are on a very limited mobile phone plan. Once you download WhatsApp and allow access to your contacts list, it will identify for you all existing WhatsApp users who happen to be your contacts.

Adobe fill & sign Last but not least. This useful app lets you fill out and sign any form. A great, environmentally friendly tool that requires no printing and therefore reduces waste. Really easy to use, Adobe fill & sign turns your electronic files or hard copies into forms that you can complete, sign and send. If you have a last-minute NDA to sign before the negotiations can begin, but no pen or printer at hand, then this clever app might save the day.

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